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The Faith to Flourish Pathway
Be Renewed
Clarity for Your Heart

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Learn about my journey and why you will love
Be Renewed Program



Our family was a normal, happy family. We loved the Lord and each other. Our kids attended church with us and went to a Christian school. They were involved in sports and got good grades. We did everything together. I never could imagine how drastically life would change for our family.



My faith was tested like never before when I found out my child was struggling with addiction and mental health issues. I did everything I could to save and fix him, but in the process, I ended up broken, overwhelmed, and exhausted. I was stuck in a perpetual cycle between worry and hope.



I knew God had a purpose for my life, but I believed I had to wait for everything to be perfect and everyone happy before I could step out in faith into my calling. I am grateful the Lord has transformed my painful places into his purpose-filled spaces of hope, joy, and favor. I look forward to helping you on your faith journey.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by

the renewing of your mind."

Romans 12:2a NIV

better than a therapist

Dawn is better than a therapist, smarter than a psychologist and as valuable as a pastor to me! Always encouraging, but even better, complete understanding and acceptance of this "club" we are all a part of - love her!

— Noelle, Upstate NY

Who is the Be Renewed Program for?

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You struggle with a negative mindset, but long to be renewed, so you can grow in your faith and be confident in your calling. 

  • The Be Renewed course will help you overcome false beliefs and lies, so your thoughts align with the truth of God's word. As you are renewed and set free, you will better understand your purpose and be ready to move forward in your calling.

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You feel stuck and overwhelmed, but desire to be renewed in your mind, so you can flourish in your life, love, and relationships.

  • The Be Renewed course is what you need to get rid of toxic thinking that negatively impacts your life and relationships. As you grow in understanding of God's word, your mind will be renewed and you will flourish in  your faith, life, and purpose.

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You are ready to flourish in your purpose by overcoming limiting beliefs and stepping into God's plan for your life.

  • You are excited about moving forward in your purpose and God's plans for your life, but desire to overcome any negative beliefs that are still holding you back. Be Renewed will help address the lies and embrace the truth of God's word. 

More on Be Renewed Program

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The Be Renewed Course


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How's your mind? Your mind can be your best friend or worst enemy. Learn how your mind can keep you stuck in negative attitudes, habits, and behaviors. 


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We all yearn to know God and understand his will for our lives. Learn to embrace the Trinity, so you will know the truth and be better equipped to avoid falling into a negative mindset. 


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We all struggle with a tendency to speak before we think. Learn how to properly assess the situation, listen to the words of others, and think before you speak. 


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TREASURE CHEST OR TRASH BIN? God created you to treasure His promises in your heart, but how you think can leave you feeling unsatisfied if you allow negative thoughts to remain.


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DECEPTION OR DISCERNMENT Learn to recognize whose doing the talking and what voice you are listening to, so you won't be deceived by the lies and negative talk around you. 


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YOUR HEART, HIS HOME Learn how to intentionally let go of mindsets and behaviors that are keeping you in bondage and from abundant living. A heart completely surrendered to Jesus is a heart set free.


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THE BLAME GAME Do you struggle with having a victim mentality? Do blame others or your circumstances for your unhappiness? Learn how to recognize the blame game before it starts. 


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CHECK YOUR MOTIVES God desires us to have hearts that are devoted to him. Learn to recognize if you heart is deceived, detached, or disobedient, so you can live a life of peace and joy.  


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A NEW ATTITUDE No longer will you be drawn away from your first love. As you draw close to Jesus with a surrendered heart and mind, you will be transformed and made new in your attitude and actions.


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LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP It's all too easy to wander onto sin's pathway. Your mind dictates the actions you take. Renewing your mind will protect you from making decisions you regret later.


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YOUR DESTINY PATHWAY Are your thoughts in line with your destiny? Learn to recognize dwellings, destinations, and detours along your purpose pathway, so you will not wander off course on your journey.


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YOUR RENEWED HEART Get ready to move forward in your Divine purpose as God transforms your wandering heart and negative mindset into

one that is steadfast and immovable in life and faith.


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