“…better than a therapist!”

Dawn is better than a therapist, smarter than a psychologist and as valuable as a pastor to me! Always encouraging, but even better, complete understanding and acceptance of this "club" we are all a part of - love her!

Noelle, Upstate NY

“She inspires me daily.”

Dawn is a wonderful friend and encourager to me. She inspires me daily with her posts and prayers. Before I was in this group, my emotions were locked up, and I couldn’t even cry and felt so alone in my situation. I am so thankful Dawn listened to God’s calling and started this group. 💕

Roberta Niederkohr

As a pastor since 2000, living in Sin City, I asked the Lord long ago if I should out of this town. I received a reply that I was called to stay in order to assist others as they pick up the pieces of their broken lives after “taking the bait” of the kingdom of darkness. I carefully aligned myself with people who recognize the need to be “salt and light” in a city of diabolically crafted facades. I am thrilled to recommend Dawn who I consider to be a fellow warrior and partner in the work of saving lives of lost and broken people.

— Mike Welte, Pastor Calvary Chapel Meadow Mesa, Las Vegas, Nevada


“Prayer partner and sister.”

God sent an Angel named Dawn into my life when I needed her most! Prayer partner and sister. I call her FRIEND!

Patty Wildman The Faith to Flourish

“Met with loving understanding.”

I honestly think I don’t know what condition I would be in right now if it weren’t for Dawn Ward following the beckon of the Holy Spirit to start this group! I even told my therapist about it… 🤓thank you from my heart to [yours]. I have turned to this group at all hours of the day and night and have been met with loving understanding! The prayer that goes up to our Father constantly is sweet incense and more precious than gold. I have found resources through all of you. I have been encouraged and challenged. I am forever grateful. ❤️



“An angel in the flesh.”

Dawn is an angel in the flesh sent straight from Jesus! Her love, devotion, prayers, wisdom and strength inspire and challenge me to become a better me! Her compassion for Mamas and their struggling children is to be admired and followed. Plain and simple... Dawn unconditionally loves like Jesus does. Forever grateful for my sweet sis in Christ!

Denise Spooner, The Faith to Flourish

“Encouraged… to heal ourselves.”

Dawn's group is different than others because we are encouraged to stay prayer focused, trust God, and heal ourselves as we pray for our loved ones freedom from addiction.

Kimberly M.



Dawn is first of all a woman who is a Christ follower and then leads in His ways first. Everything she tells us has been sifted through prayer and scripture. That is what makes her “extra special” in my eyes. She has walked this path, she has a heart to help Moms who are walking the trail of tears. I love her a lot and this group is somewhere that I can get centered and learn from her and from all the admins and other women also, we are all on the same path, just at different mile markers. So thankful that God has given her a heart to lead this ministry. [Her] group is a beacon of prayer and hope!

— Susan Scott

“Faithful servant.”

I always look for Dawn. She is a faithful servant of our Lord, a blessing & truly understands the battles we mom are confronted with. God bless her always.


“Rescued me when I was at the lowest point in my life.”

Dawn rescued me when I was at the lowest point in my life. I believe God put us together. We are truly sisters in Christ. She chose me to be one of her administrators, I don’t know why. She prays with me, she lifts me up when I'm down, she advises me, and she is truly an Angel on earth!!! I love you Dawn Ward and thank you for all you do!! 💗💗💗



“Heaven sent.”

When I was at my lowest, God guided me to [Dawn’s group]. Dawn is being used by God to help us. When I was losing hope, her words and prayers encouraged me. I give God the glory and the praise for using this wonderful woman to help us. Her prayers and her words of encouragement are heaven sent. Thank you Dawn and everyone in this group through Christ, you have made a difference in my life and my addicted daughter’s life. Long way to go, but we will get there.


“Thank you, Dawn.”

Thank you Dawn for your Christ centered, loving words. You are truly a gift to us all. 

Cheri. B


I am grateful and encouraged that dawn has poured out her wisdom. She has found the best path, above others, in a way that promotes healing and purpose. She has moved from enabling loved ones to restoring them- be encouraged!

— Cesar Sanchez, M.S.W., L.A.D.C.,Christian Counselor and Clinical Director



“Our saving grace!”

You are our saving grace! Thank you for teaching us how to go on living, Let GOD, and praying for our loved ones. Thank you!

Teresa, SLC, Utah

“A friend I can lean on.”

Dawn always seems to know what is going on in my life. Her insight and love filled posts are so encouraging and inspiring. She is like a friend that I can lean on.



“God led me to find this group”

Dawn, I love that this group is Christ-centered. Most recovery programs are not and this was exactly what I was looking for. God led me to find this group... right when I needed it most. The prayers from so many mommas walking this same path as me is so appreciated. I am grateful! ❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻

Sherry Snyder

“Literally saved my life.”

Dawn and her wonderful group of mamas have literally saved my life and my children’s lives. I thank the good Lord for her, and for this forum. Kisses and hugs❣️