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Dawn R. Ward, The Faith to Flourish, Faith Coach, Author, Speaker, Family Addiction Support
Dawn Ward
Speaker, Author, Coach

Guiding Women with Addicted Loved Ones To:
Break Free From the Cycle of Addiction
Reclaim Their Lives
Transform Their Guilt to Grace
Fulfill Their Purpose

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Hi! I'm Dawn

I am an author, speaker, and life transformation coach who guides women who have walked a loved one through addiction to reclaim their lives and be transformed from guilt to grace, as they experience God's restoration, abundance, and purpose.

For years, I was stuck in state of worry, overwhelm, and fear because of my loved ones' addictions and self-destructive behaviors. I didn't believe I could step into God's calling for my life unless they were healthy, happy and free. 

​I am grateful the Lord taught me how to embrace lifeeven  in moments of hardship when the people I care for are struggling. I learned God doesn't wait for our lives to be perfect before he calls us to step into our purpose.

Through Part One of my Be Transformed Series, Be Restored,

you can flourish in your life and purpose as God restores your soul and transforms your heart.

Other Courses and Coaching Programs Include:

  • Faith in the Battle for the woman who has walked with an addicted loved one on their journey and is ready to flourish in your faith, reclaim your life, get rid of guilt, and be transformed by God's amazing grace.

  • Courageous Change for the woman who is ready to get unstuck from life-controlling situations and make courageous change in her life.

Step onto the pathway of transformation through my 4-Part

Be Transformed  Series

Dawn R. Ward, The Faith to Flourish, Faith Coach, Author, Speaker, Family Addiction Support, Be Transformed Pathway

Be Restored (Condition of Your Heart)

Connect with your Creator as he restores your soul and transforms your heart and life.

Be Renewed (Clarity for Your Heart)

Renew your mind with the Word of God. Be free of a negative mindset as you grow in clarity and understanding.

Be Reclaimed (Captivate Your Heart)

Reclaim your identity as a child of God as Jesus captivates your heart and sets you free from man-made labels.

Be Resilient (Courage for Your Heart)

Grow in resilience as the Holy Spirit empowers you with faith, so you can face life with boldness and confidence.

"You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence." Acts 2:28 (NIV)

The Be Transformed Series is available as an
Online Self-Study or with Group or Private Coaching

The Faith to Flourish Be Transformed Series

Be Restored - Available Now

Do you feel distant from God or does you faith seem weak? Examine the condition of your heart, and discover why all hearts are prone to wander away from our Creator. If your heart is wounded or wayward, it will be restored and transformed into one of worship and wonder. You will release old hurts and hang-ups, so you can thrive in your faith, life, and purpose.

The Faith to Flourish Be Transformed Series

Be Renewed - Coming Soon


Are you trapped in a negative mindset that keeps you stuck and unable to move forward in all God has for you? Be transformed by the renewing of your mind as you learn to recognize lies and limiting beliefs that imprison your heart. You will gain renewed clarity as you grow in wisdom and flourish in your life and faith. 

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Be Reclaimed - Coming Soon

Do you struggle with perfectionism or people-pleasing? Be set free as you reclaim your identity in Christ and experience his relentless love for you. You will come to know the God who pursues us, rescues us, and draws us back to him. Be captivated by the One who loves you unconditionally. No more striving for man's acceptance. You are accepted in the Beloved.  

The Faith to Flourish Be Transformed Series

Be Resilient-Coming Soon

Do you feel like you are always facing one crisis or battle after another? Is your faith being tested like never before? You will learn how to be equipped with your spiritual armor as you are led by the Spirit of God. You will grow in courage and resiliency so you can boldly face life's challenges, have unfailing faith, and fulfill God’s calling for your life.

Ways to Work with Dawn on Your Transformation  Journey

 I Would Love to Speak at Your Next Event

I look forward to speaking at your next event or retreat. I have learned from experience what it is like to be stuck in deep pain and wonder if God could ever use me for his purpose. The Lord taught me how to flourish as I journeyed through painful seasons, as well as in the peace-filled seasons of my life. I would love to share with you what I learned along the way. Please inquire below.

Dawn R. Ward, The Faith to Flourish, Faith Coach, Author, Speaker, Family Addiction Support

“Dawn is a woman after God’s heart. She leads with passion and dedication to the women she serves. I’ve had the honor of working closely with her over the past few years and it’s been an absolute pleasure. She has taught me, mentored me, and has never been afraid to be honest. In a world so heavy-laden with insincerity, it’s refreshing to be around. Everything she does, she does with integrity and out of a pure form of love that is rare and hard to find. She is an absolute gem of a woman and I couldn’t be more pleased to have met her!”

— Leah Grey, Grey Ministries

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Dawn R. Ward, The Faith to Flourish, Faith Coach, Author, Speaker, Family Addiction Support

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