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Dawn R. Ward

 Biblical Mentor|Author|Speaker

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My Story

I am married to my wonderfully supportive husband, Steve, and the mother of three adult children. We live in Las Vegas, a city of bright lights, surrounded by the dry, barren Mohave desert. Thus, the name The Faith to Flourish was born. I founded this ministry out of a desire to help other women grow and flourish in their relationship with Jesus in all seasons of their lives, especially the hard, seemingly barren ones.

Because of the lonely and painful season of watching my loved ones struggle with various addictions and life destructive behaviors and experiencing the trauma of seeing them self-destruct, I was falling apart right along with them. And sadly, my relationship with the Lord was also suffering.

The day my husband told me I was going to worry myself to death, I responded with, ““You're right. You can write that on my headstone. “She worried herself to death.”” But immediately, I heard the Lord speak to my heart, “No. It will say, “She trusted God.””

And so began my journey back to peace and joy. I didn't want to just say that Jesus was first in my life. I wanted Jesus to be first in my life. I wanted to trust him not only when the seasons of my life were gentle and kind, but in the harsh, bitter cold seasons as well. In every season of life, I want to thrive, not just survive. Through the grief, the pain, the suffering. When my loved ones are trapped in self-destructive behaviors or in deep mental or physical anguish. In the middle of heartache or heartbreak. In the midst of joy unspeakable. In the good times, and yes, even in the bad, I long to grow in grace as I draw closer to the Lord.

I believe you are here because you want this for your life also.

Because of the lessons I learned on this journey through the desert, I started this ministry. I learned that God is faithful in the hardest of times. I learned his word never fails and offers the truth we can stand on in a sea of pain, confusion and uncertainty. I learned that addiction is hard, but it is not the only hard thing we go through in this life. These lessons apply to every person who has struggled, is struggling or loves someone who is. It my heart’s desire to see all women growing in their faith, draw closer to the Lord, to their families and each other.


The Faith to Flourish offers life-transforming insight, wisdom and Christian guidance for all women, along with hope and support to those who feel burdened and overwhelmed by life. Together, let's grow our roots deep into the Word of God so we can thrive in seasons of drought or of plenty. Here, we will learn to cultivate healthy and meaningful relationships...with God, with our families and with each other. You don’t have to merely survive; you can experience peace, hope and joy as you thrive in every season of life.

Let Me Tell You A Little Bit About
How I Got Here

Here's where to find me and The Faith to Flourish

You will find me blogging about Jesus, faith, and life at and

The Faith to Flourish offers biblical resources for women who desire to deepen their walk with God and cultivate healthy strong relationships with their families and each other. We also offer support to those with loved ones with addiction and life-destructive behaviors. As we grow, we will offer more Bible studies, devotionals, courses and resources to help you thrive in every season of life.

For women who want to grow in their faith, embrace their beauty inside and in the world around them, discover their identity in Christ, and connect with each other and their community, please join our Facebook group, She Walks in Beauty.

For moms of children struggling with addiction, mental health issues, and self-destructive behaviors, I founded the Facebook group, Christian Moms of Addicted Children, where we encourage each other and pray for our children. If you're that mom, please join us. You are not alone.


"The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail." Isaiah 58:11 NIV

Professionally, I have worked in the medical field, primarily with female patients, for over twenty years. I have also served in women’s ministry in various teaching and leadership capacities for almost thirty years. Both opportunities have given me invaluable perspective into the hearts and lives of women. My passion is teaching and equipping women to live victorious lives of faith.

Here we are, ladies. I told you a little bit about myself and hope to learn about you along the way. I pray your faith will flourish and you will as well. Let our journey begin…

I would love to speak on your podcast or at an upcoming event or retreat. You can find more information here.


Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or would just like to chat.

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