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Dawn encourages and inspires her readers through her words of hope and encouragement.
From Guilt to Grace Book by Dawn R. Ward, The Faith to Flourish

From Guilt to Grace:
Freedom and Healing for Christian Moms of Addicted Children (Coming Soon)

From Guilt to Grace: Freedom and Healing for Christian Moms of Addicted Children, written from the heart of a mom who has been there and understands the emotional, mental and physcial stress put on moms of addicted children. Dawn offers biblical truths and spiritual support to help moms overcome their feelings of pain, guilt, and shame, so they can walk in faith and freedom through Jesus Christ. Coming Soon!

Still Standing After All The Tears: Faith in the Battle Edition Workbook By Dawn R. Ward, The Faith to Flourish
Coaching Available with this Book

Still Standing After All the Tears:
Faith in the Battle Edition Workbook

Written by two moms whose children battled addiction, this workbook equips hurting women to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally stronger through Biblical truths and practical advice.


No matter what obstacle (beast) is threatening to destroy you, their wisdom and trusted experience will help you get off the mat and find the freedom and peace you long for.

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Life Changing Stories
A Devotional Collection Revealing God's Faithfulness and Transforming Power

Discover the extraordinary power of a life changed by Christ

Thirty-four authors share inspiring devotionals revealing a personal encounter with Christ. These compelling, heartfelt stories will encourage you to trust God’s extraordinary power to guide you to a hope-filled life.

In ButterflyLiving Life Changing Stories, you'll discover the joy of walking hand in hand with Jesus, finding hope and encouragement in the knowledge that a life transformed by Christ is not only possible but profoundly rewarding.

Shepherd on Duty
Promises of God You Can Trust

Shepherd on Duty Book, Dawn R. Ward, The Faith to Flourish, contributing author

This valuable resource is a compilation of writings from over 20 authors. Each promise is paired with a short devotional and encouraging scriptural references that highlight a promise of God.


This Bible promise book is food for your soul. It provides scriptural insight and nuggets of wisdom from thirty of the most important promises God has given us to successfully live the Christian life. Turn to it when you need comfort or encouragement. Read it daily to build a solid foundation of trust as you rest in peace, knowing there is a mighty Shepherd on duty. He is faithful.

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