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Dawn R. Ward, The Faith to Flourish, Faith Coach, Author, Speaker, Family Addiction Support, Courageous Change 30-Day Challenge

Are You Ready to Transform Your Faith & Life So You Can Fulfill Your Purpose?

It's Time for Courageous Change!

Hi friends.
I am excited to invite you to the 30-Day Courageous Change Challenge.

Have you ever wanted to be transformed and make huge, bold changes in your life? You have the heart. You have the desire. You are ready to take action, but you just don't know where to start. 

Maybe you believe making any significant change in how you think and act will take years to accomplish. Not true! Give me one goal and 30 days, and together with God's help, you can make radical change!

Join me on our journey to courageously change our lives for the better. We will move forward from pain to promise, get unstuck and break through  plateaus to make positive progress, and move forward in God's calling to fulfill our purpose. 

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In The 30-Day Courageous Change Challenge
You Will... 

Start the Transformation Process!

Watch My Courageous Change Masterclass Video Here.

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(Now Available On-Demand)

Look What's Included...

  • 4 Weekly Video Lessons

  • 4 Downloadable Study Guides



  • 1 Private 30-Minute Goal-Setting Coaching Session (Value $75)

  • 1-Month Membership in The Faith to Flourish Community (Value $35)

  • 4-Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions in the Faith to Flourish Community (Value $300)

  • 1-Month Membership in the Legacy Leaders Community

  • 30-Day Self-Care Challenge (Value $30)

  • Pillar Pathway Bible Study Method (Value $39)

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I want to join the life transforming
30-Day Courageous Change Challenge
for only $49 
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