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The Faith to Flourish
Be Transformed Pathway


Be Restored

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Why I am so passionate about the
Be Restored Transformation Coaching Program



Our family was a normal, happy family. We loved the Lord and each other. Our kids attended church with us and went to a Christian school. They were involved in sports and got good grades. We did everything together. I never could imagine how drastically life would change for our family.



My faith was tested like never before when I found out my child was struggling with addiction and mental health issues. I did everything I could to save and fix him, but in the process, I ended up broken, overwhelmed, and exhausted. I was stuck in a perpetual cycle between worry and hope.



I knew God had a purpose for my life, but I believed I had to wait for everything to be perfect and everyone happy before I could step out in faith into my calling. I am grateful the Lord has transformed my painful places into his purpose-filled spaces of hope, joy, and favor. I look forward to helping you on your faith journey.

 “For where your treasure is, there your heart is also.”

Matthew 6:21 CSB

...better than a therapist.

Life is filled with trials and blessings. I have had the honor to receive sound advice, encouragement, wisdom, and prayer from Dawn. Her gift of council has helped me tremendously to find ways to bring about meaningful changes and accomplish my goals. 
- Jennifer L. 

Who is the Be Restored Transformation
Coaching Program for?

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More on the Be Restored Transformation Program

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The Be Restored Course


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How's your heart? Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed? Learn how what you value and treasure reflects your heart's condition and why reprioritizing can help you move forward.


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YOUR WANDERING HEART Our hearts are prone to wander. Discover the different types of wandering hearts, and identify yours...wounded, wanting, or wayward.


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YOUR REDEEMED HEART When you live in the forgiveness and grace of God, you are forever changed. Learn how to receive grace and find lasting freedom.


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YOUR HEART'S DESIRE God created you for intimacy with him. Lack of closeness can  leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled. Explore God's heart for his children and how he alone satisfies our souls. 


Image by Sage Friedman

YOUR WOUNDED HEART We naturally run from pain and towards comfort. Learn how seeking outside comfort increases our pain and why pursuing God brings healing.


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YOUR WILLING HEART Learn how to intentionally let go of mindsets and behaviors that are keeping you in bondage. A heart completely surrendered to Jesus is a heart set free.


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YOUR HEART'S DESIGN You were created in God's image. Do you see yourself through his eyes or through the eyes of others? Learn to see yourself as his unique creation instead of falling into the comparison trap.


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YOUR WANTING HEART Our hearts desire pleasure, so we pursue things we believe will make us happy. Learn what you chase after and why it cannot satisfy you the way Jesus can.


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YOUR TRANSFORMED HEART No longer will you be drawn away from your first love. As you draw close to Jesus, you will be transformed, experience freedom, and be made new.


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Do you feel lonely and isolated, as though no one understands you or what you are going through? God calls us to abide in him, so we can be renewed in his presence.


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YOUR WAYWARD HEART Our hearts can become prideful when we try to live life on our terms. Learn why pride causes us to run from God and how repentance draws us to him. 


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YOUR RESTORED HEART Get ready to move forward in your purpose as God exchanges your wandering heart for heart that is steadfast, faithful, and ready to pursue its calling.

I would love to learn more you and how I can help you. 
Please email me prior to signing up for a
FREE 30-Minute Discovery Session.


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