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The Faith to Flourish

by Dawn Ward

Faith-based Mentor & Coach

Bible Teacher
Life Transition & Transformation
Spiritual Growth  
Relational Healing

Also Offering Guidance and Support for Women with Addicted Loved Ones

"you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail." Isaiah 58:11b ESV

Book Cover

From Guilt to Grace:
Hope and Healing for Christian Moms of Addicted Children
(Coming Fall 2024)

From Guilt to Grace: Hope and Healing for Christian Moms of Addicted Children, written from the heart of a mom who has been there and understands the emotional, mental and physcial stress put on moms of addicted children. Dawn offers biblical truths and spiritual support to help moms overcome their feelings of pain, guilt, and shame, so they can walk in faith and freedom through Jesus Christ.

Coming Fall 2024!

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Hi! I'm Dawn

Please allow me to introduce myself. First and foremost, I am a daughter of King Jesus. I am also a wife and mom who does a little writing, speaking, and coaching. As a biblical mentor and faith coach, I guide women who are walking alongside their struggling loved one to break free from the toxic cycle of addiction, so they can reclaim their lives, transform their guilt to grace, experience relationship healing, and fulfill their purpose. 

For years, I was stuck in worry, shame, and fear because of my loved ones' addictions. I didn't believe I could step into God's calling for my life unless they were healthy, happy and free.

​I am grateful the Lord taught me how to embrace life even in my family's toughest trials. I finally learned to not let these painful situations hold me back from living the life God has for me.


After working for many years in the medical field as a Licensed Aesthetician, I've also had the opportunity to get to know the hearts of women. This, coupled with teaching in Women's Ministry, has allowed me a unique insight into the strengths and struggles of women of faith.


Thus, my calling to help women experience healing and transformation during some of life's most difficult trials. Because of my own life experiences, I also mentor women going through transition who desire to move forward in their purpose and calling. I am humbled and grateful that the Lord has called me to this ministry. If you need support of any kind, don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

Dawn R. Ward, The Faith to Flourish, biblical mentoring, bible study, life transformation coaching, prayer support of women with addicted loved ones

Biblical Coaching and Mentoring

Through biblical guidance, I mentor and equip those who are experiencing challenging life transitions to get unstuck, experience breakthrough, and move forward, so they can experience life and faith transformation and flourish in their God-given purpose.
I also offer Biblical mentoring to women desiring to break free from the toxic cycle of their loved one's addiction, so they can experience freedom and healing. These sessions are designed for personal growth and life transformation, not to counsel on fixing our addicted loved ones.
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Dawn Ward, Faith-Based Mentor,

Life Transformation Coach

...better than a therapist.

Life is filled with trials and blessings. I have had the honor to receive sound advice, encouragement, wisdom, and prayer from Dawn. Her gift of council has helped me tremendously to find ways to bring about meaningful changes and accomplish my goals. 
- Jennifer L. 

 I Would Love to Speak at Your Next Event

I look forward to speaking at your next event or retreat. I have learned from experience what it is like to be stuck in deep pain and wonder if God could ever use me for his purpose. The Lord taught me how to flourish as I journeyed through painful seasons, as well as in the peace-filled seasons of my life. I would love to share with you what I learned along the way. Please inquire below.

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“Dawn is a woman after God’s heart. She leads with passion and dedication to the women she serves. I’ve had the honor of working closely with her over the past few years and it’s been an absolute pleasure. She has taught me, mentored me, and has never been afraid to be honest. In a world so heavy-laden with insincerity, it’s refreshing to be around. Everything she does, she does with integrity and out of a pure form of love that is rare and hard to find. She is an absolute gem of a woman and I couldn’t be more pleased to have met her!”

— Leah Grey, Grey Ministries

Where to Find Me

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